Andrew Cashner
Texas Rangers


62.7% Thrown  93.5 MPH

Despite still holding a good punch, Cashner lost a tick of velocity from last season while finding it more difficult to get the ball in the zone (59.0% zone rate down to 50.2% last year). He's trending in the wrong direction and it's possible another negative pVal awaits for his heater in 2017.


28.1% Thrown  85.6 MPH

While Cashner gets a solid 41.8% O-Swing and decent 14.2% whiff rate on his Slider, his inability to command it consistently is his downfall - batters hit line draves 30.4% of the time while also allowing a 25.0% HR/FB rate. There's work to be done here.


8.6% Thrown  86.3 MPH

Cashner has just a 4.0% whiff rate on his Changeup, mixed with a terrible 1.121 allowed OPS. It's hard to be on board with Cash when he'll have to rely on this third pitch the second and third time through lineups.