Alfredo Simon
Cincinnati Reds


49.2% Thrown  92.4 MPH

You could say Simon throws a little bit of everything, making it little surprise he throws a mix of Four and Two-Seamers. hard to say which is a better choice as they both were in the red for pVal last season, which is easily diagnosed by a sub 45% zone rate for each pitch. Talk about a bad foundation for your repertoire.


11.3% Thrown  76.6 MPH

Simon used his deuce as a "Get-Me-Over" pitch that got over just 44.0% of the time. And when it did it was crushed for a .237 ISO. No wonder it has had at least a -3.0 pVal as long as it has been in his arsenal.


21.3% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Normally, Split-Finger Fastballs are paired with high whiff rates. Not this variety of Alfredo - just a 8.9% clip in 2016 and it has dropped each year since 2013. Womp womp.


17.8% Thrown  88.6 MPH

Simon's Cutter is his only pitch with a zone rate above 50%, though that's where the fun parade ends. 32.5% Line Drives allowed and a 27.3% HR/FB rate don't speak well for the offering.


0.5% Thrown  66.7 MPH

Ahhhh the Eephus. He just kinda lobbed it in there because, well, why not? Chances were if he threw a Fastball it wouldn't have been a strike...