Alex Cobb
Tampa Bay Rays


46.4% Thrown  90.4 MPH

Cobb mainly throws Four-Seamers with the occasional riding heater to play off his Changeup well. He showed a ton of promise with the pitch in his last full season (2014) as he earned a whopping O-Swing rate of 27.5%, leading to an allowed batting average of just .205.


22.3% Thrown  79.7 MPH

Cobb's deuce has always been the third wheel in this FB/CH relationship, acting more of a sneaky strike that turns into plenty of groundballs instead of a silencer. Don't expect the world from it, but it gets the job done.


31.4% Thrown  85.4 MPH

It was a very brief return from TJS last season for Cobb and it would be unfair to write off his Changeup after it was far and away his best pitch prior to surgery with a whiff rate above 20% and generating a ton of grounders. If Cobb is going to succeed, it's going to be on the back of this pitch.