Albert Suarez
Arizona Diamondbacks


57.5% Thrown  92.0 MPH

Suarez split his time throwing Sinkers and Four-Seamers, with the numbers suggesting more Sinkers in the future given its near identical zone rate with a higher groundball rate, increased movement, and identical velocity. It's an effective pitch - not plus - that can serve as a decent foundation for his secondary pitches.


11.2% Thrown  74.7 MPH

You can probably tell in the GIF above that Suarez gets a lot of horizontal movement on his Curveball - about two inches extra than average, in fact, equivalent to a left-hander's Two-Seamer. The deuce is Suarez's best secondary offering and it wouldn't be surprising if his Slider took a backseat moving forward in favor of the hook - a 15.9% whiff rate, 47.7% zone percentage, and a super low 61.9% contact rate can do that. And that's ignoring its the combined 50% rate of grounders and IFFB mark of 33.3%.


19.3% Thrown  78.1 MPH

Suarez favored his Slider most among his secondary pitches, but that may change as his slide piece allowed 33.3% line drives and a HR/FB rate of 33.3%. Not inspiring numbers you want to rely on.


12.0% Thrown  83.3 MPH

It's not the flashiest of pitches you've seen and despite the Changeup's positive pVal, an 11.4% walk rate mixed with a .222 BABIP with average movement suggests worse days are ahead with the pitch.