Adam Ottavino’s Slider + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Wednesday’s Games

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Adam Ottavino’s Slider – Ottavino’s command hasn’t been as sharp as we’ve seen in previous season’s from the Rockies’ setup man, though his Slider displayed its massive upside during Wednesday’s marathon game against the Indians. Check out its elite bend as it earned strike two against Austin Jackson. (Thanks to  for the tip!)

Taylor Cole’s Changeup – Cole had a rough inning for the Jays, but he sealed the frame with his first MLB strikeout against the presumed future AL ROY winner Aaron Judge. He called on his Changeup in a full count and earned the whiff with beautiful movement back over the plate.

Justin Verlander’s Slider – The Tigers’ ace was on just like his golden years as Verlander shut down the Pirates in eight innings. Our favorite of the outing was this Slider that traveled right along the outside corner for plenty of time before diving under the strike zone at the last moment.

Zack Greinke’s Curveball – Despite four walks and 3 ER, Greinke put together a solid start for the Diamondbacks, fanning eight Dodgers in 6.2 innings. His stuff has been as good as ever, getting tons of movement on all his pitches, especially his big hook that somehow hit the dirt to Chase Utley despite starting at his shoulders.

Jake McGee’s Slider – It had been two weeks since McGee had pitched in a game, but he certainly looked like he was in peak form as he fanned Jason Kipnis in the bottom of the ninth. Just look at how much horizontal movement this pitch got as it dove far out of the strikezone for the swing-and-miss.

Trevor Bauer’s Curveball – Bauer has strung together three straight outstanding starts, allowing only 3 ERs through 22 innings while tallying a strikeout per inning. Trevor has turned to his spiked Curveball more often this season and when it moves like this, there’s little reason to doubt his change of approach.

Edwin Diaz’s Slider – Diaz has been more dependable lately as the closer in Seattle and ended the game with an excellent slide piece in Oakland. This pitch looks like his upper 90s heater on the inside corner before falling off the table and forcing a game-ending swing.

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