Adam Ottavino’s Cutter vs. Jose Berrios’ Fastball + Curveball

Here are a pair of GIFs that I like to label as “wild cards” for this tournament. First is a Cutter from Adam Ottavino that acts as a hard slider, zooming well off the plate at a hard 89mph, making it incredibly tough for Buster Posey to resist while also impossible to resist. Then we have the sole “double pitch” GIF of the tournament with Jose Berrios throwing a pair of perfectly executed pitches to debiliate Todd Fraizer. First is a Fastball that moves more than any heater has any right to, followed by a Curveball that follows the same initial plane before slicing far and away from the slugger’s bat. Both GIFs forced good hitters to take terrible swings, but which GIF should stay alive for another vote?


Adam Ottavino’s Cutter vs. Jose Berrios’ Fastball + Curveball

Which was the better pitch? Vote to decide which pitch advances to the next round!


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