Aaron Nola
Philadelphia Phillies


57.9% Thrown  90.1 MPH

Nola danced between his Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer evenly, though there is plenty of promise in his Two-Seamer that induced 61.6% grounders with horizontal ride over 2.5 inches more than the average riding Fastball. When healthy, Nola is on point with this pitch and it turns into his tried-and-true tone setter, getting ahead quickly in counts and catching the corners.


33.8% Thrown  76.3 MPH

Exceptional movement can be found on each of Nola's pitches, with his Curveball earning almost four inches extra horizontal bend than the typical right-handed Curveball. Pair that with a 45.9% O-Swing rate, 19.0% whiff percentage, and just a 60.3% contact rate and it's easy to recognize this as one of the best hooks in the game.


8.4% Thrown  81.6 MPH

There's plenty of potential in Nola's Changeup, especially when it earned more five inches of extra depth than the average slow ball. Batters are chasing it a ton (42.2% O-Swing rate) but the biggest improvement will come when he can confidently throw it for a strike - a 40.0% zone rate just isn't going to cut it.