Aaron Blair
Atlanta Braves


58.6% Thrown  90.9 MPH

If you're looking for a mediocre heater, you've come to the right place. Blair predominately uses a Four-Seamer and ocassionally mixes in a Two-seamer, with both pitches collectively earning a pVal of -16.4 mark in 2016. The problem? Blair's location with his Fastball, which sat mostly in the middle of the plate. Not a good recipe for success when paired with average velocity and movement.


21.9% Thrown  78.2 MPH

Blair's Curveball registered a negative -1.3 pVal last year, but it may be more due to his poor Fastball that brought down the effectiveness of his entire repertoire. The pitch showed some promise with a 14.5% whiff rate and generated grounders at an excellent 64.5% rate showing some hope for the hook.


19.5% Thrown  84.6 MPH

With batters chomping at the bit to smack Blair's heater, his Changeup reaped the benefits - an unreal 50.3% O-swing and a 25.2% whiff rate are as beautiful as they come. However, if his Fastball wasn't so ineffective, those numbers would most likely dwindle to mortal levels.