A.J. Cole
Washington Nationals


58.0% Thrown  91.0 MPH

Cole has a pretty even mix of Four-Seamers and Two-Seamers, with the former coming with better command while the latter with a ton more movement - three inches of drop and two inches of run. He'll need better consistency with the pitch to be successful as it comes in at a mediocre velocity.


9.1% Thrown  74.7 MPH

This Curveball is far from anything special acting neither as a proper "Get-Me-Over" deuce (39.3% zone rate in 61 thrown in 2016), nor does it have the whiffability (6.6% swinging strike rate) to make it a staple of Cole's repertoire.


26.5% Thrown  82.1 MPH

Far and away Cole's best pitch is this Slider, which earned a fantastic 17.5% whiff rate and a contact percentage of just 62.2%. That hard break above is incredibly difficult to resist and will make left-handers suffer when commanded properly.


6.4% Thrown  83.8 MPH

There is potential with Cole's Changeup as it can display some vicious late bite at times, but Cole has struggled to throw it for strikes (just 20.9% zone rate) without a high enough O-Swing rate to justify it (32.4%). It will be crucial for A.J. to get a better feel for the pitch if he hopes to continue as a starter.