Tyler Glasnow
Pittsburgh Pirates


63.2% Thrown  93.5 MPH

The biggest knock on Glasnow has been his control and it starts with his Four-Seamer, which held a low 48.7% zone rate last year. With his velocity that touched 97.5mph last season, solid command of his heater should give him a high baseline for his secondary options.


35.2% Thrown  79.2 MPH

It's hard not to get excited about Glasnow's Curveball, which gets plenty of bonus vertical drop and can be a devastating offering. A proper third option in his repertoire will let the pitch flourish, as better sequencing will unleash the potential of Glasnow's Curveball.


1.6% Thrown  88.9 MPH

Glasnow featured a Four-Seam grip with his Changeup in 2016, however there are talks that he's changing to a Two-Seam grip, which would help add deception and increase the groundball tally. Keep an eye out for the pitch if he makes it into the rotation for the Pirates as its usage rate is sure to rise.