Noah Syndergaard
New York Mets


59.4% Thrown  97.9 MPH

Syndergaard elects to feature a straight Four-Seamer over his Sinker, with a few warts on each pitch that make it tough for the Norse God to make a decision.His Four-Seamer allowed a high 31.7% line drive rate, though the pitch sets up his Slider/Changeup plenty well as it increases the vertical differentiation between the heater and secondary pitches. Meanwhile, his Sinker has plenty fewer liners (22.3% rate) and a heavy dose of grounders (63.6% rate!), but was on receiving end of terrible BABIP at a .375 mark. At the end of the day, Syndergaard can ramp up both pitches above 100mph, which is simply unfair.


8.3% Thrown  82.4 MPH

Syndergaard's deuce took a backseat to his newly developed Slider, though this pitch would be a solid #2 for any other pitcher as it held a great 15.4% whiff rate and limited batters to just a .075 ISO.


21.1% Thrown  90.8 MPH

Syndergaard learned the famous "Warthen Slider" at the end of 2015 and used it to dominate batters in 2016, featuring an unreal 27.5% whiff rate, 52.0% O-Swing and allowed a .162 BAA. That's what happens when you can throw a Slider that comes in as hard as 94.9mph. Fun Fact: It took me five minutes to write this blurb because I couldn't stop watching that slow-motion shot above. It's just unfathomably good.


11.1% Thrown  89.7 MPH

Because of his triple digit heater, Syndergaard's Changeup doesn't have to feature a ton of movement to be effective, though he certainly does his job by keeping the pitch down in the zone exclusively. The result is another 20%+ whiff rate pitch under his belt that can throw at any point during an at-bat.