Matt Shoemaker
Los Angeles Angels


50.9% Thrown  91.3 MPH

The biggest flaw in Shoemaker's game is his questionable foundation laid down by his Fastballs. He dances between Two-Seamers and Four-Seamers, with pros and cons for each. His straight heater can hit the zone consistently, but his locations need plenty of work, rendering an allowed .289 ISO in 2016. Meanwhile, he can limit the power with his Two-Seamer, but it finds the plate under 50% of the time, forcing Shoemaker to turn back to the Four-Seamer if he wants to properly setup his Split-Changeup.


1.1% Thrown  74.9 MPH

Shoemaker has played with a Knuckle-Curve, but elected to only throw 28 total across 2016, turning to his Slider instead as his primary breaking ball.


7.9% Thrown  82.3 MPH

In search of a proper third pitch, Shoemaker is looking toward developing a Slider, and it has some potential with a great 16.0% whiff rate in 2016. Problem is, he needs a more reliable pitch to throw deep in counts as its 45.9% zone rate leaves a bit to be desired.


40.2% Thrown  84.3 MPH

Success with Shoemaker comes down to this Split-Change, which he threw just under 1,000 times in 2016. It's hard not to agree with its usage as it earned whiffs at a fantastic 20.3% rate with an O-Swing above 45%. Sure, his 41.2% zone rate leaves a little room to grow if he wants to throw the pitch in three ball counts, but when he gets so many swings off the plate he may start having confidence with the pitch in those tough counts.