Luis Severino
New York Yankees


55.1% Thrown  96.1 MPH

If Severino is to be a starter, expect the velocity on his Four-Seamer to drop closer to a 95mph average, which should still provide a good foundation for success. He needs the command to match it, though, as his heater finds itself elevated and over the plate too often for him to expect an allowed ISO under the .200 mark


33.9% Thrown  88.2 MPH

The biggest upside in Severino's repertoire is in his Slider, which has room to grow from its 11.5% whiff rate last season. It features over 2.5 inches of extra horizontal movement and has late bite that can surprise hitters if he places it properly. The pitch above is exactly where Severino should make his home with the pitch, sneaking under left-handed bats while falling off the outside corners to right-handers.


8.9% Thrown  88.7 MPH

After impressing with a 17.6% whiff rate in 2015, Severino's Changeup took a step back in 2016, earning just a 8.9% mark. There's upside here, it simply comes with him trusting the pitch with his Four-Seamer to increase its deception.


2.1% Thrown  90.9 MPH

Severino has been working on a Cutter, though the pitch simply doesn't feature the movement it needs to be a steady offering.