Kyle Hendricks
Chicago Cubs


48.9% Thrown  87.6 MPH

Hendricks is a Sinkerballer with beautiful command to induce weak contact constantly despite his sub 90mph velocity. Pounding the zone 57.8% of the time with the pitch and inducing 56.4% groundballs in front of the best infield defense in the majors helps his case, especially when he can limit the damage done by hitters to just a .101 ISO.


7.8% Thrown  75.4 MPH

Hendricks' Curveball is a "Get-Me-Over" pitch that batters take a hack at just a quarter of the time despite landing for a strike at a 40.8% rate.


27.1% Thrown  80.1 MPH

The belle of the ball is Hendricks' luscious Changeup that earned a whopping 23.5% swinging strike rate in 2016. He hides the ball and repeats his delivery/spin with the pitch, getting batters out on their front foot and swinging over the ball. Hendricks also does a great job pinpointing the pitch down in the zone and away from left-handers/in to righties, allowing him to throw it off the plate and still earn strikes (48.8% O-Swing!). No wonder it had an incredible 21.7 pVal last season.


16.2% Thrown  87.9 MPH

Mixed with his Sinker going in one direction is a Cutter going in the opposite, especially inside the left-handers to sneak under their bat and induce a pop-up (28.0% IFFB rate in 2016). He trusts the pitch to earn strikes when he needs them and was the benefactor of just a .222 BABIP with the pitch last season.