Kendall Graveman
Oakland Athletics


68.8% Thrown  92.6 MPH

Graveman loves his Sinker, which induced grounders at a great 52.7% rate last year as he improved his ability to throw the pitch in the zone. Graveman should be able to find his way through games if he can continue keeping the ball down and generate weak contact with his lively Sinker.


6.8% Thrown  79.7 MPH

Graveman didn't use his Slider all too much, favoring his Cutter plenty more, though the two pitches had identical O-Swing and Whiff Rates (37.2% and 13.6% respectively). He relied on his slide piece's horizontal bend when he chased a strikeout, leading to a solid 38.0% K rate for the pitch.


7.5% Thrown  85.0 MPH

Graveman's Changeup needs a bit of work, as he couldn't turn to it with confidence to find the zone, while not missing enough bats to use it as a strikeout pitch.


17.0% Thrown  87.7 MPH

Unlike his Slider, Graveman used his Cutter earlier in counts, though it found the zone much less despite all the similarities. Look for Graveman to make a change in his approach in future seasons.