Jose De Leon
Tampa Bay Rays


66.1% Thrown  91.6 MPH

There's a good amount of upside in this Fastball, which was able to touch 95mph during his September call up to the majors. However, he elevated the pitch a ton in that time and got burned for it, holding an ugly 30.8% HR/FB rate among the 197 he threw. Obviously that number should come down with time in the bigs and let's hope his Fastball location drops as well.


5.7% Thrown  76.5 MPH

The final pitch for De Leon was a Curveball that seemed to be a "Get-Me-Over" pitch to earn a free strike and not have much weight inside his repertoire.


7.1% Thrown  82.3 MPH

De Leon's main breaking ball is this Slider that featured above average horizontal bend in the small sample we saw in 2016. It lacks the polish of his Changeup and it'll be important to develop it further to have a strong third option to give a different look batters need to respect outside his FB/CH approach.


21.4% Thrown  81.6 MPH

De Leon's call to fame is this Changeup, which has excellent fade and deception, mimicking his Four-Seamer perfectly. He's able to command it well and is the backbone of his approach. If De Leon is on top of his game, this pitch will get the spotlight.