Johnny Cueto
San Francisco Giants


45.5% Thrown  91.7 MPH

Cueto throws and even mix of Two-Seamers and Four-Seamers, featuring plenty of success with both pitches. His straight heater has been the sturdier option of the two over the years, which hasn't allowed an ISO above .085 since 2012.


19.3% Thrown  83.6 MPH

While Cueto's slide piece won't dazzle like his Changeup, its 52%+ zone rate over the last three years mixed with a career 51.0% groundball rate has made it Mr. Dependable for Cueto


19.2% Thrown  82.6 MPH

The best strikeout pitch in Cueto's repertoire is easily his Changeup, which steadily earned extra horizontal movement each season, earning an extra 1.6 inches across the last four seasons. His lowest Changeup whiff rate in that time? A stellar 18.2% mark.


15.8% Thrown  87.6 MPH

Cueto likes to mix in a Cutter as his fourth pitch, which he can rely on for a strike whenever the count calls for one. The pitch improved last season, boosting its IFFB percentage, while diminishing its HR/FB mark and line drive rates dramatically.