Joe Kelly
Boston Red Sox


65.2% Thrown  96.3 MPH

While Kelly used to focus more on his Two-Seamer in the past, the pitch took a beating in 2016, holding an allowed OPS of 1.306 as it struggled to find the plate (just 41.6% zone rate). He turned to more Four-Seamers, and the results were better - just a .182 BAA and an excellent 11.2% whiff rate - but he still had issues locating the pitch for a strike. Expect the whiff rate to go down, but it will be a worth sacrifice for a higher zone rate that keeps the bases clear.


10.3% Thrown  82.0 MPH

Kelly uses his Curveball as a strikeout pitch to freeze batters for a cheap K - batters held just a 31.6% swing rate last year with the pitch earning a high 41.7% K rate in 2016.


18.1% Thrown  87.2 MPH

There's a lot of whiffability in Kelly's Slider, featuring three inches of extra vertical drop as he locates it down and out of the zone when he wants to. He uses the pitch as a mix of free strikes inside the zone and as a tempting offering to get batters to chase out of the zone when he's ahead in the count.


6.4% Thrown  85.4 MPH

Kelly doesn't turn to his Changeup often as he simply doesn't have the command for it. With its excellent horizontal movement, batters whiff often, but Kelly can't rely on the ball to go where he wants it to go. There's obvious potential here, it's a matter of harnessing its upside so he can use it consistently.