Jesse Hahn
Oakland Athletics


72.0% Thrown  93.9 MPH

Mmmmm just look at that sharp movement! Hahn showed a lot of promise with his riding Fastball during his brief nine starts last season, hitting the zone at an absurdly high 61.2%...which might not be a great game plan when batters are making contact at a whopping 93.7% rate and carrying a 19.0% HR/FB rate against the pitch. He'll mix in his Four-Seamer a bit, taking advantage of its decent "rise" to generate infield field balls inside of his home field's spacious foul territory.


20.4% Thrown  75.4 MPH

Hahn's breaking ball is a deuce that features over three inches of extra drop. He's had trouble getting the whiff rates with the pitch he had in his rookie year, though dropping from an 18.3% to 13.1% last season. Don't expect strikeouts until those swings and misses return.


7.6% Thrown  85.6 MPH

Hahn's third pitch isn't as reliable as he needs it to be, with a career 39.0% zone rate on his Changeup with sub 30% O-Swing rates. The pitch simply doesn't earn him the strikes he needs it to.