Jeff Locke
Miami Marlins


68.7% Thrown  91.3 MPH

Locke turned into a two-pitch pitcher in 2016, relying heavily on his Two-Seamer to churn grounders and let the baseball gods determine his fate. They weren't friendly to Locke, giving the southpaw a .316 BABIP for the pitch, while Locke did himself few favors by throwing it for a strike under 50% of the time.


1.4% Thrown  79.1 MPH

Locke used to throw this Knuckle-Curve all the time and used it normally during his first three games of the season before putting it on the shelf indefinitely, turning into a two-pitch pitcher. He was missing 2.5 inches of horizontal movement from previous years, which may have been part of the reason for his swift removal of the pitch.


29.9% Thrown  82.3 MPH

Pairing with his heater is a Changeup that has the ability to miss bats, holding a career 19.7% whiff rate. However, he lost over an inch of ride on the pitch last season, with O-Swing, Whiff, and Groundball rates all dropping as a result. Nevertheless, if he had a stronger foundation for the pitch there would be an opening for Locke to have major success with the pitch given its solid deception.