Jake Odorizzi
Tampa Bay Rays


60.3% Thrown  91.5 MPH

Odorizzi splits his Fastball usage between a Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer and he had plenty of success with both pitches last season, each earning pVals about the 9.0 mark. With his Two-Seamer, Odorizzi generates plenty of whiffs with a 10.4% clip as he hits the zone constantly with the pitch. Meanwhile, he gets even more swings-and-misses with his Four-Seamer, and uses its "rise" to generate a ton of flyballs, 30.4% of which end up as infield flyballs.


4.0% Thrown  71.4 MPH

Odorizzi rarely turns to his deuce for a strikeout and instead loves to surprise batters with the pitch inside the zone for a quick strike. Yep, that's a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball alright.


9.3% Thrown  82.4 MPH

Odorizzi returned to using a Slider last season, which featured a nine inch difference from his "rising" four-seamer. The pitch was decent overall, as it led to plenty of outs with an alloed .220 BABIP. However, there is some worry his luck won't turn his way next year as the pitch just doesn't miss bats like it should to allow him to get away with mistakes.


19.4% Thrown  84.7 MPH

Odorizzi has struggled with his Split-Finger lately, as its whiff rate dropped over five points last season to an underwhelming 10.3% rate and a nine point boost in contact rate. It may have been a product of throwing the pitch in zone a little more, which in turn had Odorizzi using it less as a strikeout pitch.


7.0% Thrown  86.4 MPH

Odorizzi pulled back on his Cutter last season, favoring a slowing but more lively Slider instead and it was a change for the better - Odorizzi allowed a poor 23.1% HR/FB with his Cutter in 2016 with few whiffs and a lower zone rate.