Ivan Nova
Pittsburgh Pirates


64.8% Thrown  92.6 MPH

When Nova was traded to the Pirates, Searage didn't waste any time to work his magic, helping Nova focus his Two-Seamer inside to right-handers nearly exclusively as he wore a Pirates uniform. It had a great effect on Nova, holding a near 60% groundball rate and bumping his zone rate for the pitch above 50%.


28.3% Thrown  80.0 MPH

Nova's #2 pitch is a big hook that he loves to throw with two strikes. It held its highest whiff rate of his career with a solid 17.4% mark last year as batters chased it 37.3% of the time out of the zone - nearly five points more than his previous career high.


4.6% Thrown  86.3 MPH

Nova barely touches his Changeup, though its 48.5% zone rate is impressive given the lack of focus given to the pitch.