Hyun-Jin Ryu
Los Angeles Dodgers


56.5% Thrown  89.8 MPH

Four-Seamer, Two-Seamer, it doesn't matter with Ryu, as both pitches induced 50% grounders with solid command.


12.9% Thrown  69.2 MPH

Ryu loves throwing his Curveball early in counts - more often than your typical "get me over" hook, but with the same approach in mind.


11.8% Thrown  83.3 MPH

Ryu exchanged 1.5 inches of drop for nearly 3 MPH on his Slider, and the results paid off: a 4.5 point boost in his whiff rate, 11.5 point increase in O-Swing, and an unreal .019 allowed ISO in 2014.


18.8% Thrown  81.8 MPH

You may look at Ryu's pVALs from 2014 and believe his Changeup is his worst asset, but you would be misguided by an unlucky BABIP and a HR/FB 11.5%. Don't forget that it held an incredible 20.7 RAA mark in 2013.