Hisashi Iwakuma
Seattle Mariners


45.7% Thrown  87.8 MPH

Iwakuma throws a mix of Sinkers and Four-Seamers, favoring the former as it gets above average drop. He was around the zone with both pitches a ton last year, with his Four-Seamer's 58.0% zone rate the smaller of the two.


8.9% Thrown  70.8 MPH

Iwakuma features a pretty average hook that he relies on mostly earlier in counts to sneak in a strike.


22.1% Thrown  81.6 MPH

The best asset of Iwakuma's Slider is his ability to throw it in the zone constantly - career 54.6% rate - without getting punished for it. Batters held a middling .255 BAA when facing the pitch last season.


17.9% Thrown  83.1 MPH

Iwakuma's strikeout pitch is this Splitter, which has consistently earned solid whiff rates paired with a career O-Swing rateof 50.3%. However, he lost over an inch of drop last season, with his batted ball numbers taking a turn for the worse: more line drivers, fewer grounders, more flyballs, and fewer pop-ups.


5.3% Thrown  85.8 MPH

Iwakuma toyed with a Cutter last year, using it as a surprise pitch in an attempt to occasionally jam left-handed batters.