Gerrit Cole
Houston Astros


67.2% Thrown  95.2 MPH

A year after absolutely dominating with his Four-Seamer - we're talking a pVal of 24.3 - things got messy last year and he ended u p with a low 3.7 mark for the pitch. What happened? Well, across all of his pitches, Cole lost movement and his Four-Seamer was no exception. The result was more contact inside the zone, fewer whiffs, more line drives and fewer grounders. It's not a dramatic shift, but extrapolate the change over the large sample and it's the difference between a very effective pitch and an okay one. It's possible it was due to injury and it'll return this season, but it's a bit worrisome.


9.9% Thrown  81.1 MPH

Cole loves featuring his deuce in the dirt and does a great job of avoiding hangers up in the zone. The result was an excellent 41.7% K rate as batters chased it 32.9% of the time.


18.0% Thrown  87.6 MPH

Cole's Slider location was still excellent in 2016, however he lost two inches of vertical drop on his Slider. In turn, his line drives allowed went up 10 points on the pitch and batters chased it out of the zone nearly 12 points less. That's a huge change and he'll have to regain that movement to come close to the stud we saw in 2015.


5.0% Thrown  88.1 MPH

Cole has never been a proficient Changeup user and his 97 count from last season was his career high despite a career low in innings. Thing is, it didn't avoid the movement police either and lost about 1.5 inches from its previous iteration, with its whiff rate at a dismal 7.2%. We've seen 15.0% and 12.8% marks in the past, it's simply dependent on getting his movement back in order.