Felix Hernandez
Seattle Mariners


47.7% Thrown  90.5 MPH

Felix likes to throw Sinkers 2:1 to Four-Seamers, but it didn't matter which one he threw last year, with both pitchers lacking in one major department: velocity. Both have lost 2mph in the last two seasons and it couldn't have come at a worse time as Felix's ability to command the zone is slipping away - both pitches held walk rates above 10% last season, with contact inside the zone on his Four-Seamer at a career high 94.6%. He's lost deception, velocity, and a touch of command, making it tough road ahead.


19.8% Thrown  79.2 MPH

It doesn't get better with Felix's deuce as he lost two inches of vertical drop on the pitch since 2014. The result was a career high in line drives (32.9%) and the lowest groundball rate of his career by far (43.8% despite a career mark of 59.2%). Mix that with the lowest zone rate of his career (36.3% when his previous low was 43.2%) and the highest contact rate of his career at 71.4%, and it spells struggles for a pitch that registered a 19.8 pVal in 2015.


5.8% Thrown  84.5 MPH

Felix has been weening off his Slider over the years, with last year's 141 count being the lowest of his career by over 100 pitches. The pitch is being used to snag a cheap strike and doesn't have the bite it once had, losing 3.3 inches of vertical movement since 2014.


26.8% Thrown  87.1 MPH

I have to hand it to Felix. Despite losing two ticks off his Changeup since 2014, Felix had the second highest O-Swing rate on his Changeup of his career, best since 2011. Highest groundball rate, third best whiff rate and just 18.3% line drives allowed. There were issues in Felix's game in 2016, but it sure wasn't his change piece.