Edwin Jackson
Washington Nationals


46.0% Thrown  91.9 MPH

Jackson took a velocity hit with his heater in 2016, which is expected after returning to the rotation after a full season in the pen. However, a 91.7mph is dramatically lower than the 93-94 marks he was putting up prior to 2015. The result was a .221 allowed ISO, the second worst mark of his career.


7.0% Thrown  77.1 MPH

Jackson doesn't throw his deuce often, and reserved it for a "Get-Me-Over" strike when he needed to in 2016, which featured its highest zone percentage since 2010.


28.1% Thrown  85.4 MPH

Jackson's best pitch is his Slider, which has earned a 69.6 pVal for his career. Steady 15% whiff rates through his career, though that mark took a major dip in 2016 as it previously would hint 20%, but held a much lower 15.9% last season.


1.6% Thrown  86.6 MPH

Jackson barely touched his Changeup in favor of the Cutter and super low sample size aside, it was a rare beneficial pitch for Jackson. Funny how that works.


17.3% Thrown  89.5 MPH

After toying with a Cutter for years, Jackson dramatically increased its usage in 2016, but not even it could avoid the fate of being a part of Jackson's repertoire, and registered the worst Pitch Value of his entire arsenal with a -3.4 according to Pitch Info.