Eddie Butler
Chicago Cubs


59.5% Thrown  92.9 MPH

Being a Four-Seam pitcher in Coors is a dangerous game, though he managed to get a decent amount of grounders with the pitch (46.0%). However, he couldn't avoid a 29% line drive rate and 24.0% HR/FB rate that makes it a tough foundation for his better secondary pitches.


7.7% Thrown  79.5 MPH

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball.


26.0% Thrown  86.9 MPH

Butler's Slider is as average as they come. Average vertical and horizontal movement with typical 14.3% whiffs a 40.1% zone rate. Right in the middle ground that is pulled down by playing half his games in an unfavorable home field.


6.9% Thrown  87.7 MPH

Butler does not like throwing his slow ball, tossing just 74 last season and not being all too effective, hitting the zone just above 30% of the time and not getting enough whiffs to justify its poor locations.