Drew Smyly
Chicago Cubs


55.7% Thrown  90.2 MPH

Smyly's Four-Seamer was excellent in 2016, registering a 13.4 pVal as he generated 53.4% flyballs with its excellent "rise" that sat over two inches higher than typical southpaw Four-Seamers. He also earned pop-ups on those flyballs and a great 33.8% rate, while limiting longballs to just 9.6% of the time. Beautiful numbers.


22.6% Thrown  75.7 MPH

Pitchf/x calls this a Slider, though we're going with Curveball based on the speed difference and vicious drop on the pitch. It's Smyly's favorite strikeout pitch (38.6% K rate), with just a 33.2% zone rate as he tempted batters out of the zone often. It lost 1.3 inches of horizontal bend last year, result in a drop of nearly 9 points in O-Swing. Let's hope he can get the movement back on track.


5.7% Thrown  79.8 MPH

Smyly did a good job of keeping his Changeup low in the zone, allowing him to take advantage of its fade to generate over 50% groundballs with the pitch in 2016. The only flaw were the few mistakes he made - 3 HRs allowed in only 165 thrown - and a larger sample size should prove the pitch as a better asset in 2017.


16.0% Thrown  85.0 MPH

There's a lot of work to be done with Smyly's Cutter, which allowed 18 extra-base hits en rouse to an allowed .295 ISO across 462 pitches. He lost both vertical and horizontal movement with the pitch, leading to rise in contact rate of nearly 10 points, with whiffs dropping from 15.7% to 10.0%.