Danny Salazar
Cleveland Indians


68.2% Thrown  94.7 MPH

You would think for a guy that can whip it up to 98mph as a starter that his Fastball would be more of a beneficial pitch, but there it is, a -3.1 pVal for Salaza'rs Four-Seamer in 2016. The problem was the pitch's location, slightly elevated right in the middle of the plate often and rarely along the edges. With its straight movement, it's hard to believe the .370 BABIP will drop close to .250 moving forward. Now, he has worked in a Two-Seamer, but he reduced its usage last season for some odd reason - it even earned a positive pVal of 1.5 as it limited the line drives to just 14.7%. Hopefully he can bring it back and improve his confidence with the pitch.


3.1% Thrown  79.8 MPH

Salazar doesn't like to use his deuce much, often favoring his Slide piece over it as the hook doesn't see the strikezone enough nor get batters to chase out of the zone.


10.8% Thrown  84.6 MPH

Salazar has improved his Slider over the years, adding almost two inches of drop from last year's iteration. There's still room for growth, however as its whiff rate has declined to 13.7% and batters are chasing it just 29.4% of the time, down for a great 38.3% in 2014.


17.9% Thrown  85.8 MPH

The money maker of Salazar's repertoire is a Split-Changeup that is as nasty as they come, registering a 25.4% whiff rate across his career while never holding an O-Swing rate lower than 52.4%. He focused on throwing it for a strike more often last year, a smart move considering the help he needed with his other options in his repertoire. Expect its low pitch usage to rise as he throws it earlier in counts.