Daniel Norris
Detroit Tigers


63.3% Thrown  93.0 MPH

Despite the lower pVal, it was encouraging to see Norris explode with an extra 1.2mph on his heater in 2016. However, his location took a hit at the same time, often in the center of the plate or elevated in the zone. There's promise here, it's simply a question of whether or not he can find a better feel for his improved Four-Seamer.


7.7% Thrown  76.2 MPH

With his Slider being the main pitch in Norris' repertoire to miss bats, this Curveball is delegated to sneaking in strikes every so often. Unfortunately, he's throwing it for a strike just about one-third of the time, which needs to improve moving forward.


13.2% Thrown  86.7 MPH

This Slider is easily Norris' best pitch, coming in with above average horizontal bend and featuring an excellent 43.2% O-Swing rate. If he can nail down his Fastball and Changeup playing off each other, you can expect the Ks to rise with this breaking ball.


15.8% Thrown  85.9 MPH

Norris' Changeup is his go-to secondary offering, though there's work to be done as he struggles to locate in the zone. THis could turn into a solid FB/CH combo with his Slider acting as a strong putaway pitch, but until he gets a better feel for the slow ball (16.3% walk rate!), the celebration will have to wait.