Clayton Kershaw
Los Angeles Dodgers


50.5% Thrown  93.0 MPH

What is Kershaw's best pitch? One look at his Fastball wouldn't make you think his heater deserves the spotlight, but what is hard to grasp from one GIF is how consistent it is. That location isn't an anomaly above, and he's able to nibble around the corners while maintaining an elite 62.8% zone rate. It's hard to argue against those numbers.


15.6% Thrown  73.0 MPH

Then again, have you seen his Curveball? The monstrous hook is famous for grabbing highlights, freezing batters left and right as it goes nose-to-toes effortlessly. Fun fact: Batters had a 8.3% HR/FB rate and just a 7.7% line drive rate against Kershaw's deuce. That's absurd. Want to go crazier? The pitch allowed a -21 wRC+ last year. Jeeeeeez.


33.3% Thrown  87.8 MPH

Thing is, the best pitch and possibly the most underrated one in baseball in Kershaw's slide piece. Not only did it have the highest pVal last season at 24.3 despite Kershaw starting only 21 games, its effectiveness elevates his Fastball tremendously, making batters question with each pitch if it's going to keep its immense backspin of his Four-Seamer or fall eight inches via his Slider. He got whiffs on nearly half of his benders off the plate - of which they only made contact 34.5% of the time - and holy cow is he good at burying this pitch down-and-in the right-handers. It's just unfair and his ability to wield such a deadly weapon makes Kershaw who he is.


0.6% Thrown  90.3 MPH

Why Kershaw is working on a Changeup is unknown to me when he's the best pitcher on the planet with three top-notch pitches, but he threw 13 of them last season according to Pitchf/x (more like just a handful) and it would appear to be a solid offering for any other pitcher. But this is Kershaw and a questionably elite pitch isn't good enough when his other three offerings will always be better choices.