Chase Anderson
Milwaukee Brewers


58.9% Thrown  91.1 MPH

Anderson never had a dazzling heater, hanging out around 91mph and hoping its "rise" would give him cheap outs. Unfortunately, he allowed more HRs last year than infield flyballs, leading to a poor -7.3 pVal for the year.


13.5% Thrown  76.6 MPH

The pitch looks like your standard "Get-Me-Over" affair with a 5.6% whiff rate, yet a 34.3% zone rate means this pitch is grossly benefiting from a .163 BABIP to earn its still below average -0.6 pVal.


24.1% Thrown  81.7 MPH

What happened to Anderson's Changeup? It used to be grossly beneficial with a whiff rate even about 20%, but last year it lost two inches of vertical movement from its excellent 2014 drop, leading to a dip of O-Swing to sub 30% levels and even the lowest Zone rate of his career at 44.1%. Here's to hoping Anderson can find a way to reclaim his money pitch.


3.5% Thrown  87.7 MPH

Anderson began throwing a Cutter in 2016, which wasn't much of a successful experiment given its .915 OPS across 93 thrown. It wouldn't be surprising if he put it on the shelf moving forward.