Chad Kuhl
Pittsburgh Pirates


67.0% Thrown  93.2 MPH

Sinkers are Kuhl's game, which means there's plenty of side run to be had. However, you'd normally expect a great groundball rate to come with it and a 44.9% clip is a bit unnerving - a product of two inches of missing vertical movement when compared to a league average Sinker. Without that extra drop, it's hard to imagine Kuhl's heater laying the groundwork for a solid repertoire.


27.5% Thrown  86.6 MPH

The best pitch Kuhl has to offer is this Slider, which came with a studly 18.8% whiff rate and great 51.0% groundball rate. Batters couldn't barrel the pitch often with just a 15.7% line drive rate, while featuring a .154 BAA. Whenever Kuhl needs a big pitch, he will turn to his Slider.


5.6% Thrown  85.1 MPH

Kuhl didn't use his Changeup often (just 64 thrown in 2016), but it was able to find the zone when it did. It comes with slightly above average fade, though it didn't feature the whiff rate you would expect (4.7%) when paired with a swing rate over 50%.