Chad Green
New York Yankees


54.3% Thrown  94.3 MPH

A 57.8% zone rate with a 13.8% whiff rate should spell success for Green's heater, however it was crushed for eight longballs during his short 2016 stint (53.3% HR/FB!). You can quickly blame poor command of the pitch as he rarely nibbled along the corners despite the excellent placement of the pitch above.


37.6% Thrown  85.2 MPH

Boy do I love watching Green's Slider. It gets plenty of drop with sharp bite that makes it tough to resist when thrown in the proper location like the one above to Machado. I imagine the whiff rate (14.4%) will rise closer to 20% when he learns to command it slightly better, with the pitch coming in just under the zone as opposed to well off the plate where batters can easily lay it off. There's a ton of potential here for Green to rack up the Ks with this pitch alone.


1.6% Thrown  86.6 MPH

This Changeup was barely touched last season, as it was thrown just 13 times. It doesn't have the upside of other slow balls we've seen, though it's possible Green develops it further if he slots into the Yankee rotation.


6.5% Thrown  90.3 MPH

Green likes to sneak in a Cutter every so often to keep batters off balance from his heater, though it didn't have a lot of success in the 54 he threw last year. With his Changeup nearly non-existent currently, his Cutter might have to take a bigger role if he spends time in the rotation and that could be a major liability.