Carlos Rodon
Chicago White Sox


63.3% Thrown  93.4 MPH

It's a pretty even mix of Four-Seamers and Two-Seamers here from Rodon, though there doesn't seem to be a good reason for the southpaw to keep throwing his straight Fastball with its -13.1 pVal last season. The cause? Plenty more line drives due to its location much more toward the center of the plate. Hopefully he sticks with the Two-Seamer more that featured plenty more groundballs and great 56.4% zone rate as it nailed the arm-side edge.


26.1% Thrown  86.7 MPH

The pitch that makes Rodon exciting is his Slider that can be as filthy as they come. Its horizontal movement is plus, but the bite is simply tremendous. Batters give up on it as it starts off the plate before curling back in at the last moment, while many swing on top of it as it falls to their ankles. Rodon has a staggering 48.1% K rate with his Slider, though the biggest question is if he can raise its low 38.9% zone rate. Considering that he struggles to locate his Changeup inside the strike zone, Rodon needs a second pitch to consistently toss inside the zone when looking for another option instead of his heater. Hopefully that can be his Slider moving forward as batters just can't seem to hit it (61.2% contact rate!)


10.7% Thrown  83.6 MPH

Rodon's Changeup has the deception and movement to be a stellar offering, the one problem is that he can't locate in the zone nearly as much as he needs to - a 35.6% zone rate just isn't going to cut it. Either his Slider or Changeup has to be thrown in the zone or the walk rate will stay high and his ceiling will be capped.

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