Carlos Carrasco
Cleveland Indians


52.9% Thrown  93.8 MPH

The biggest area for improvement lies in Carrasco's Fastball, which consistently puts up negative pVal numbers through his career. The problem lies in its poor location - out over the plate thigh high - where he's not getting extra whiffs on elevated Fastballs, nor is he getting it low enough to avoid easy barrels of the bat. It's a major reason why Carrasco allowed a whopping 36.4% hard contact in 2016.


14.3% Thrown  83.4 MPH

Carrasco makes up for his underwhelming heater with fantastic breaking stuff, such as this Curveball that earned whiffs last year at a remarkable 17.1% rate. Match that with an O-Swing of 46.0% and the ability to keep it in the zone when he wants to (45.8% zone rate) adds up to a deadly weapon in Carrasco's arsenal.


12.3% Thrown  87.1 MPH

Mixed with with his deuce is a harsh Slider that is as devastating of a pitch as they come - 26.1% whiff rate with an unreal 52.0% O-Swing rate. You will not find more dominant numbers on a pitch than that. It's all thanks to a ton of horizontal bend with about three inches movement than a typical right-handed Slider.


20.5% Thrown  88.9 MPH

To keep batters off his heater as much as possible, Carrasco works in a Changeup that does its job well. We're talking a 15.9% whiff rate, excellent vertical drop and the ability to throw it just under the zone to keep batters fishing at a 43.6% rate.