Brett Anderson
Toronto Blue Jays


58.7% Thrown  91.3 MPH

We only had 11.1 glorious innings from Anderson in 2016, though we know Anderson's schtick from many other shortened seasons. Think excessive grounders from both his Two-Seamer and Four-Seamer as he does a great job of keeping the ball down in the zone.


13.6% Thrown  77.1 MPH

If he's not getting this pitch over, then it is completely failure its life purpose as a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball. Because that's what it is.


15.1% Thrown  82.3 MPH

Anderson's Slider used to be his putaway pitch, and while it still is, he hasn't had a whiff rate above 13% with the pitch since 2014. Still, the elite vertical movement is still there (five extra inches of drop!), which helps with the groundball M.O. and the potential to get a high 30s K rate with the pitch is still there.


12.6% Thrown  83.5 MPH

Anderson began throwing a heftier amount of Changeups in 2015, and it was...somewhat effective. While it induced grounders 60.9% of the time, it was also crushed when elevated in the zone - a 57.1 HR/FB rate - and its 5.2% whiff rate left a lot to be desired.