Ariel Miranda
Seattle Mariners


58.6% Thrown  92.6 MPH

Though he featured his Four-Seamer more often in 2016, a switch may be coming in 2017 as his Two-Seamer was plenty more effective, featuring less contact (80.3% vs. 90%.4) a 56+% zone rate and plenty more grounders.


14.3% Thrown  80.6 MPH

Miranda's Slider was his most effective pitch overall, especially when you consider he earned a solid 2.5 pVal despite just 130 total thrown last season. He was fortunate with a .206 BABIP and 33.3% line drive rate, but a 37.0% O-Swing rate and 13.9% whiff mark are decent. Still, Miranda doesn't have a proper putaway pitch and will need to increase this pitch's movement if he's ever to strike out more batters.


26.4% Thrown  83.2 MPH

Miranda allowed 44.2% flyballs with his Splitter, 68.4% of which were Infield pop-ups. That's a ridiculous stat, though the sample is only across 240 total pitches in 2016. Still, you can see why it is his favorite secondary pitch and there is clearly a ton of potential there.