Andrew Triggs
Oakland Athletics


52.2% Thrown  90.5 MPH

Triggs loves his Two-Seamer and with the amount of movement he gets on the pitch, it's hard not to. He gets above average horizontal movement as well as a TON of vertical drop (we're talking six inches!) more than the average riding Fastball. Might as well call it a as legit of a Sinker as you'll find in the bigs.


20.3% Thrown  76.7 MPH

This Curveball is often what people would call a Slurve as it has bend like a Slider but depth closer to a hook. Either way, it's a great putaway pitch for the kid, getting 15.9% whiffs and a great K rate of 42.6%.


22.0% Thrown  83.5 MPH

While the hook is the final hammer, the Slider is a more consistent attacker during at-bats to keep batters of-balance as he throws it for a strike 53.4% of the time. Pair that with a whopping 15.7% whiff rate and you have yourself an elite pitch.


1.8% Thrown  82.9 MPH

Triggs barely touches his Changeup, though you may see more of it if he does become a consistent starting pitcher for the A's. Think near identical movement to his Two-Seamer but nearly 10mph slower. There's potential here, he simply has to work on locating it inside the strikezone.