Andrew Heaney
Los Angeles Angels


58.6% Thrown  90.6 MPH

It's far from elite, but Heaney is able to keep his Fastball out of the heart of the plate effectively, allowing him to set up hitters for his Slider and Change constantly.


17.2% Thrown  77.4 MPH

Heaney's Slider isn't as flashy as the Rodons and Sales of the southpaw world, but it has improved to be his best offering in 2015, inducing an excellent 22.4% whiff rate as hitters hit an atrocious .042 ISO against the breaking ball.


24.1% Thrown  82.8 MPH

Heaney has a solid Changeup that he's able to spot far away from right-handers, generating a decent 10.6% whiff rate in 2015. It's ability to generate grounders at a 52.6% rate makes the pitch a welcome addition to his repertoire.