Alex Wood
Los Angeles Dodgers


55.8% Thrown  90.3 MPH

Wood's sub 90mph Fastball doesn't turn heads, but his funky delivery sure does. The motion helps hide the ball and allows him get away with the sub-optimal heater, resulting in a slightly above-average offering.


29.3% Thrown  82.1 MPH

Wood threw more Curveballs in 2016 instead of his heater, which would normally be a good thing given it is his best pitch, but it came with a loss of horizontal movement as it dipped yet another inch - a trend that has occurred in each of the last three seasons. However, it's encouraging to see his zone rate rise (career high 46.3%) and the whiffs came with it - 17.1% whiff rate and a near 10 point drop in O-Contact to an elite 42.3%.


15.0% Thrown  83.7 MPH

Wood does a great job of masking his Changeup with identical arm action and spin, getting batters to swing over the ball often. A 17.0% whiff rate and 60% groundball rate last year should tell you the entire tale of its effectiveness. The drawback? An abysmal 28.6% zone rate means it's tough to rely on the pitch deep in counts even if it earns a swing off the plate 49.5% of the time.