Alex Reyes
St. Louis Cardinals


63.4% Thrown  96.5 MPH

Reyes mixes a Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer pretty evenly and is able to have plenty of success with each offering. With Two-Seamers coming inside to right-handers, he induced 33.3% IFFB and 40.9% grounders, while he used his Four-Seamer to elevate and earn an excellent whiff rate of 10.9%. He could be a star with just one variety of heaters - both of which have registered triple digits - though his healthy mix will continue to keep batters on their toes.


12.1% Thrown  79.5 MPH

With such a big breaking ball (over four extra inches of drop), you'd think Reyes would get more whiffs, yet it earned just a 6.3% whiff rate in 2016. The problem? His Curveballs were often located too far off the plate and rarely inside the zone (35.8%) allowing batters to check out once they didn't see the spin of a Fastball/Changeup. Reyes doesn't need to necessarily improve that Zone rating to be more effective, but rather commanding the pitch just under the zone would go a long way for the deadly hook.


24.5% Thrown  88.0 MPH

Most people have heard about Reyes' Fastball and heavy hook, but many don't realize how much Reyes hinges on his Changeup and it's for good reason - with a triple digit heater, an identical looking Changeup at a 10mph drop can be impossible to hit. Reyes doesn't get elite movement on the slow ball, but his ability to locate it for a strike - 47.1% zone rate - allowed him to register an excellent 19.3% whiff rate last year. Expect a healthy 2018 Reyes to rely on the pitch often and rack up the Ks.