Adam Wainwright
St. Louis Cardinals


40.6% Thrown  90.3 MPH

The cause of Wright's recent struggles are his inability to command his Sinker effectively. Previous he's been able to jam it inside to right-handers while 2016 saw him hanging glove-side or middle of the plate, leading and atrocious .998 allowed OPS and a near 30% line drive rate for the pitch. He resorted to his Four-Seamer 1/3 of his heaters thrown, but that was even worse, allowing line drives nearly 40% of the time. Don't expect success until he can command his heaters once again.


26.8% Thrown  73.9 MPH

Waino's Curveball has been a signature pitch for ages - especially for Mets fans - and after registering five straight double-digit pVal, Waino came up short in 2016 with a 3.9. The main difference outside of slight movment shifts is his location of the pitch, which was elevated much more often last year. Here's to hoping he can keep it down in the zone and raise the whiff rate above 15% once again.


2.4% Thrown  82.4 MPH

Wainwright's Changeup is nearly non-existant and is only used as a rare mix-up pitch. With its low whiff rate and 31.6% zone rate, it shouldn't be surprising that he barely touches it.


30.2% Thrown  85.4 MPH

Some think Wainwright's best pitch is his Curveball, but they would be mistaken as his Cutter has been the neutralizing for years. Career marks of just a .109 ISO allowed and a 27.8% IFFB are staggering as he's been able to throw it for strikes constantly. Without it last season (15.4 pVal!), it would have been even more of a disaster.