Adam Conley
Miami Marlins


63.4% Thrown  91.1 MPH

Despite using a four-seam grip, Conley's heater has the movement of a Two-Seamer, even getting more average lateral movement than a typical Two-Seam Fastball. This is due to his side-winding delivery that has the youngster throwing well across his body akin to Madison Bumgarner. Unfortunately, it's still coming in at a low 91.1 MPH and batters are having little trouble squaring up the pitch with a near 30% line drive rate in 2016.


18.0% Thrown  85.0 MPH

Conley's allure is apparent with his Slider, which boasted a whopping 20.1% whiff rate and 45.6% chase rate in 2016. Additionally, it's 50% groundball rate and just 9.5% HR/FB rates are excellent and propelled a pVal of 9.4. Conley turns to the pitch whenever he's ahead and can you blame him?


18.6% Thrown  82.6 MPH

The final pitch of Conley's repertoire is a Changeup that is more effective than it should be given that hitters are licking their lips when they believe a Fastball is on its way. The problem here is when deep in counts, Conley struggles to throw his Changeup for a strike (just a 33.5% zone rate), preventing him from having a proper Fastball/Changeup combination that could mask his poor Fastball better.