Aaron Sanchez
Toronto Blue Jays


74.5% Thrown  94.7 MPH

Many have talked about the "stuff" of Aaron Sanchez and it starts with his Fastball - a Sinker with some of the prettiest movement you'll ever see. A low 5.4% whiff rate is a bit unsettling as well as a 23.3% LD rate on the pitch, but its 58.0% GB and 23.4% IFFB rates are here to stay. Let's hope he can command it slightly better to help its 9.2% walk rate fall in his future seasons.


16.2% Thrown  78.1 MPH

Sanchez improved his Curveball immensely last season, bumping its vertical drop over an inch, leading to a significant five point boost in whiff rate (up to 14.6%) and inducing much less contact (75.6% down to 65.2%). There is a small problem: its zone rate fell to a poor 35.7% in 2016. If he can keep the same movement and hit the mid 40s in zone rate, expect this pitch to earn double digit pVal in 2017.


9.3% Thrown  88.3 MPH

The last pitch in Sanchez's repertoire carries the same elite horizontal ride of his Fastball (over three inches better than average!) and allowed a minute .348 OPS to batters last season. Like his Curveball, there's room for improvement as it held just a 33.3% zone rate with a low 9.6% whiff rate, but with its movement there's hope he can raise his confidence to throw more often over the plate.